duminică, decembrie 07, 2008

“It’s to late”.

Why do I love you the way I do?
When you tell me to stay away and to not fall for you.
Its something I can’t explain,
Its something I cannot stop.

Just that one look you give me makes me turn shy,
I blush throughout my cheeks and you find it cute.
You make me laugh you make me giggle,
And you don’t have to say a word.

No matter the distance or miles between us,
I always feel you.
You’re wrapped around me,
To keep me safe and warm.

When I’m frustrated and mad you always know just what to say.
Your not even here, yet you calm me just the same.
When I’m crying and cant stop the tears,
You lie right beside me and wish away my fears.

Why do I love you the way I do?
When you tell me to stay away and to not fall for you.
My heart pounds hard knees start to shake,
Falling for you is no mistake.

The way you always try to protect me,
From the smallest little thing.
Whether you fail or succeed,
You’re my hero my savior and my king.

When you’re gone,
I feel as though I’m gone.
But I love you just the same,
Whether you’re here or there.

You tell me that you’re not right for me,
For some bad qualities you have.
Well I have bad news for you,
I have some too.

Why do I love you the way I do?
When you tell me to stay away and to not fall for you.
You tell me again and again,
Yet all I have to say is, “It’s to late”.


Red is everything I love,
Blue is all that sky above.
Brown is the ground that supports me so,
Purple takes my fantasy to and fro.
Black is the night that haunts my mind,
White is the parent to me that’s kind.
Yellow is my happiness and joy,
Green is my very favourite toy.

But every colour in the rainbow,
Will never tell my heart where to go.

Lock me....

Lock me away inside your heart's encasings.
Throw away the key into the ocean's depths.
The key getting lost within the dust and algae.
Hoping it will never again be found.

Lock me away into your memory
Were I will be burned for eternity.
Never will you rid me and the memories
We once shared as one.

Lock me into your lips in a lip lock
That will last longer than time.
Growing old, world going dark as the sun dies out.
Lips super glued together as we get lost.

Lock me into your soul where no one
Can cut me away once I start to threaten your health.
Hold me close, never letting me fall
Backwards into the ocean's fury.

sâmbătă, decembrie 06, 2008

You'll Never Know...

I doubt you'll ever realize that this string tied around my wrist is because it remind me of you. You look me in the eye and think "she wants to kiss me", but really I'm dieing to say "I love you". I show you an occasional poem, but never all the ones about you. And you know all the times you ask me what I'm thinking ad i say, "I forgot"? Half the time I'm lying becuase I'm thinking of you and don't want to admit it.